Friday, August 8, 2014

A Memorable Day of Doing Nothing in Portsmouth, Virginia

After my tour of beautiful Norfolk, I was ready for round two of quaint American charm. The seaport town of Portsmouth, Virginia, is known for its antique shops, art galleries, and children's museum. Jen, Sebastian, and I visited Portsmouth and spent the day not visiting antique shops, art galleries, or children's museums. Instead, we ate German food and traipsed around in the rain with blue umbrellas. It was perfect.

Our jaunt to Portsmouth from Norfolk began with a ferry ride. That's worth the trip right there.

We wasted no time upon arrival, heading straight for the food. Jen and Sebastian recommended The Bier Garden, a large but cozy family-owned German restaurant. I've learned to always trust Jen when it comes to food.

We made it indoors just in time to beat the rain. Thing is: a leisurely meal later, it was still raining. Sebastian popped over to the dollar store across the street and returned bearing three cheap, flimsy blue umbrellas. As we strolled a rainy Portsmouth, I whipped out my Canon, readied my color accent feature, shot some footage of our little promenade, and promised to post it on YouTube. Jen ... Sebastian ... I'm afraid this was the best I could do:

I also shot an Instagram video on the lovely ferry ride back to Norfolk.

The ferry dropped us off in Norfolk at twilight, which quickly turned to dusk, making everything all "twinkly" (technical term). It was a perfect opportunity to snap some photos of Norfolk's quiet seaport.

Sir Gnome had to get in on the action, too. After all, romantic evening shots are kinda his thing.

For more pictures of my day trip to Portsmouth, visit my photo gallery.

For more of my amateur travel videos, visit my YouTube page.

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