Monday, July 21, 2014

Free Wine at Virginia Beach Proves There Is Good in the World

When I visited Jen -- my frequent travel buddy and partner in crime -- in lovely Norfolk last summer, we took a detour to nearby Virginia Beach for some sun and relaxation. I heart a beach day, but I'll admit that, as a Miami native, I've been spoiled (read: made snooty) by the azure, white-sand beaches of South Florida. My first impression of Virginia Beach was: ugh, brown sand.
Virginia Beach (left) vs. Miami Beach (right)
But then something beautiful happened. 

A fellow beach-goer approached us with a simple request, and what transpired thereafter was nothing short of life-affirming.

- Fellow beach-goer: Hey guys, do you happen to have a corkscrew?

- Us: Afraid not, but why not just push the cork into the bottle?

- FBG: Oh, great idea! Will do.

... 5 minutes later

- FBG: So, that worked! We've got more wine bottles. As a thank you, here, have the rest of this one.

- Us: !!! We love you. Seriously.

... 10 minutes later

- FBG: Would you guys mind watching our stuff? We just wanna take a quick bike ride. Back in 30 minutes.

- Us: Of course, oh bountiful giver of wine. We will guard your things with great vigilance. 

... 30 minutes later

- FBG: We're back! Thanks so much guys. You know what? Here, have another bottle of wine.

- Us: !!! ♥

The generosity of strangers (and the thrill of chilled wine at the beach) had restored my faith in humanity. Then, while walking along the oceanfront boardwalk, I fell in love with the amusing cursing-is-prohibited signs.

I thought they were meant in jest, until I read that it's f*ucking illegal to curse in Virginia. Thankfully, it seems the law isn't enforced, so curse on, damn it!

In conclusion, free wine + funny sign = day made. Nicely played, Virginia Beach. Nicely played.  

For more pictures of my trip to Virginia Beach, visit my photo gallery.

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