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What's in a "Nom"?

I'm a travel blogger, so it stands to reason that I love travel. Or does it? What of those travel bloggers who hate travel?

I'm in freaking Beijing. I've been wandering around for three days, and I totally hate it here. Everything's different from back home, and they speak this totally incomprehensible language that only the one billion inhabitants of this country understand. I don't get it. It sucks. Tomorrow I'll be in Shanghai, and I bet that'll suck just as bad. I'll blog about that hellhole when I get there.

That's why I named this blog Travel, Je T'aime. It helps to differentiate me from travel blogging misanthropes like that guy. Also, it's in Franglish (French/English), which makes it transnational.

Really, the name Travel, Je T'aime derives from the film Paris, Je T'aime and reflects the fact that I'm both a travel addict and a Francophile. Sir Gnome up there is my faithful travel buddy. He isn't too keen on the French, though.

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  1. Wonderful!!!Such a great way for learning from your experiences. And for practicing my English, of course (je, je).