Trucket List

Travel Bucket List (otherwise knows as Trucket List)

- Swim with dolphins
- Attend carnival in Venice in full masquerade regalia
- Bottle-feed a kangaroo
- Witness the aurora borealis
- Study in Oxford
- See a whale up close in its natural habitat
- Ride an air balloon
- Take proper photography lessons
- Hold a koala
- Take black-and-white pictures of myself in Parisian metro stations wearing a French beret
- Road trip across the U.S.A.
- Herd sheep
- Take an extended cruise somewhere (I feel ambivalent to cruising but am willing to be converted.)
- Work at a vineyard
- Ride a helicopter over a beautiful landscape
- Visit a volcano
- Sleep in a bona-fide castle
- Milk a cow
- Climb a "haunted" lighthouse

... to be infinitely continued