Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sir Gnome's Paris Highlights

A London resident, Sir Gnome visits Paris as often as his busy life allows. After all, it's an easy trip across the English Channel on the Eurostar. He loves making new discoveries in the "city of lights" -- venturing outside the city center, finding hidden corners, dining at bistros that tourist guides ignore. However, while Sir Gnome loves an adventure, he also finds comfort in the familiar. For this reason, he has chosen to share the three experiences he can never do without in Paris. Below are his photos and descriptions.

No trip to Paris is complete without taking a silly picture of oneself  in front of the Eiffel Tower
After all these years, I still get lost in the Louvre (and sometimes others mistake me for a work of art)
Ah, French wine by the Seine -- it's how classy gnomes get sloshed
For more pictures of my trip to Paris with Sir Gnome, visit my photo gallery.

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