Saturday, September 21, 2013

Capture the Colour Photo Contest 2013

For the second year in a row, Travel Supermarket is hosting Capture the Colour, a contest in which travel and photography bloggers showcase five pictures, each featuring a different color -- yellow, red, green, white, and blue. Each blogger then nominates five fellow bloggers to enter the contest, which ends October 9.

Recently, Joe of Cosmic Smudge nominated me. Yay! There's no way I'm winning this thing, but it's fun to participate because 1) it makes me feel like part of the travel blogger community and 2) it gives me an excuse to spell the word colour with a u. So here goes.


This shot was taken from If, a tiny island just off the coast of Marseilles, France. The only structure on the island is the Chateâu d'If, a former prison from which the fictional Edmond Dantès escaped in Alexandre Dumas' epic adventure, The Count of Monte Cristo. I spent so much time living out my novelistic prison-escape fantasies at the chateâu, that I got to capture the golden glare of the sun beginning to set.  


The Venice I got to know was cold and foggy, for which I was grateful. The misty weather kept many tourists at bay and made the city feel like the setting for a detective story. It was the perfect opportunity to capture a mysterious Venice in black and white. I wanted a pop of red in this gondola shot and used my Canon color accent feature to achieve it.  


In 2007, I arrived in a small town in France to teach English at a local high school. One of the teachers picked me up at the nearest train station and drove me to her home in the country to share a barbeque picnic with her family. This is a shot of her daughter, Olivia, and her dog, Sirius. As I took this picture, I thought about what a beautiful childhood Olivia would have, surrounded by all that green. 


One of my favorite spots in Paris, France, is the Rodin Museum. Auguste Rodin is my favorite sculptor, and his works are displayed in the gorgeous building and gardens that used to be his home. I love the light coming in through the window, illuminating this small, white sculpture. 


I had to somehow feature Sir Gnome in my contest submissions. This is him in Lisbon, Portugal, enjoying a sip of very dark hot chocolate and a buttery croissant in his dashing blue gnome shirt. 

And now for my nominations. I'd love to see submissions from:

~  Connie of Connvoyage

~  Chris of Packed Suitcase

~  Kit of Seek New Travel

~  Shalu of Shalu Sharma Guide to India

~  Anne of Prêt à Voyager

Good luck everybody, and check out other submissions by following the Capture the Colour hashtag on Twitter: #CTC13

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  1. Great job! You know, the other thing I like about this contest is that all the pictures are so evocative.

    1. Thank you. Same here. People tend to choose images that are meaningful for them.

  2. Lovely pictures and thanks for asking. Its very temping to take part in the competition.

  3. Love your photos, especially the blue. Who doesn't love the gnome!

    1. Thank you, Corinne. Sir Gnome charms everybody. Love your site, particularly you and your husband's descriptions of each other in the About Us section. It's so great that you've been traveling regularly throughout your entire marriage.