Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Visiting Coimbra Hogwarts

Students at the nearly 800-year-old University of Coimbra wear black capes to class. When I learned about the traditional uniform, I decided that the University of Coimbra was Hogwarts. Students study Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts. They learn to cast spells and play Quidditch. Seriously. You can quote me on this.

Since we were in town over the holiday break, we sadly missed out on meeting any Hogwarts students in their medieval garb. To compensate, we pretended to be them.

Kellie is studious in her mini cape
Picture-taking is strictly forbidden in the Joanine Library, perhaps because some of those 12th-century books might disintegrate into tiny particles at the slightest disturbance. I tried gaining access to the Restricted Section to no avail, but I did find the door to the Room of Requirement beneath the library.  

Room of Requirement
Okay, it's actually a former university prison, which is equally fascinating
After a taxing day of rigorous study and hunting for clues about Voldemort’s evil plans, we headed up the enchanted stairs to our Gryffindor Common Room for some well-deserved rest.

Careful, the staircase moves without warning
A thank you to Coimbra for welcoming us with very cold, foggy weather. Totally Hogwarts-like.

For more pictures of my trip to Coimbra, visit my photo gallery.

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