Monday, August 19, 2013

In Austin, Ain't Nothin' Wrong with Weird

"Keep Austin Weird" is more than just a city slogan; it's an invitation to embrace difference. Austinites adopted the slogan in 2000 in a effort to promote small, independent businesses, but the phrase has come to reflect the spirit of Austin, Texas, a city that encourages individuality and artistic expression. On my first visit, I was charmed by Austin's laid-back, quirky character. Below are a few photos that capture some of that quirk.

"Don't run me over!" says random little yellow man on the street
Shoes get sick, too, okay?
This antique shop sells ... umm ... disembodied hands
Quirk is contagious
And then there's this guy
For more pictures of my trip to Austin, visit my photo gallery.

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  1. You need to come back for another visit! I have so many other places to take you to!

  2. I've never been to Austin before, but it's high up on my list. It think I'd really enjoy the apparently quirky vibe and the food sounds amazing, too. And, it's funny you captured a shot of the little yellow robot man! We have them in D.C., too-- I wonder what the story is behind it!

  3. Christina, Austin is also considered the live music capital of the world, so if you're into that you'd especially like it. Love your site, by the way. You may have noticed you're on my blogroll to the right there. :o} As for the mystery of the little yellow men, I don't remember seeing them in DC, but I'll be visiting DC over Labor Day weekend, so I'll look out for them and make some inquiries.

    1. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll! That's so nice of you :) I'm glad to have found your site as well. I heart Sir Gnome and his story. Can't wait to read the next installment.

      Here's a post I found about the little yellow man... in DC, he can sometimes be seen on the streets around the mall:

  4. Thanks! I don't know when I'll get around to Sir Gnome's next installment, but I'm thinking he'll need to slay a dragon to earn his knighthood.

    Thank you for that article. Very intriguing. It seems like the little yellow men are in so many major U.S. cities. I feel left out. The mystery artist(s) must bring the little yellow men to Miami.