Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sir Gnome Has Fun Storming the Castle

For years, Sir Gnome had been looking to exact revenge on a six-fingered man who had terribly wronged him. He knew where he would find this man -- at Castelo de São Jorge, Lisbon's stunning medieval fortress. Once he spotted the monument from afar, he made his move. It was time to storm the castle.

Sir Gnome cleverly made his way past the guards and through the castle doors. Arriving at sunset, he was momentarily distracted by the dreamlike panoramic view of Lisbon. The city was warmly lit by a pink-orange sky. "If I were in Lisbon merely as a tourist," he pondered, "I would certainly visit the castle at sunset."

But this was no time for such musings. Sir Gnome had to focus if he was to defeat the six-fingered man.

The trick was to find him in time, for Sir Gnome knew that the scoundrel stood no real chance against him man to gnome. It wasn't long before Sir Gnome spotted his enemy, who immediately ran like the coward he was. Sir Gnome was faster, though. He trapped the six-fingered man in a room and forced him to fight. At long last, Sir Gnome emerged victorious!

Meanwhile, Sir Gnome's handsome pirate friend found me in the castle, where I had been trapped by the evil yet comically silly king.

Sir Gnome, Handsome Pirate, and I rejoiced and then strolled happily downhill through Lisbon's oldest district, the charming Alfama, which is serene and mysterious in the evenings.

When we arrived in the trendy Chiado neighborhood, Sir Gnome suggested we reward our efforts with a cup of hot chocolate.

And so ends this tale of bravery and recommended sightseeing. If ever in Lisbon, have fun storming the castle.

Did this blog post have you scratching your head? If so, then you've never seen The Princess Bride. For shame! I demand you Netflix it now before I send Sir Gnome after you.

For more pictures of my trip to Lisbon, visit my photo gallery.

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