Sunday, January 22, 2012


- "In New York, people don't throw up on the streets"

I spent New Year's Eve in the UK with a small group of Americans and Londoners. After a few drinks, the friendly conversation turned into a full-on debate. The topic? New York vs. London. This might've become quite combative were it not for the fact that the Americans favored London and the Londoners favored New York. The argument went something like this:

American #1 - I saw Abbey Road today!

Londoner #1 - Oh, it's funny to watch American tourists take pictures of themselves crossing Abbey Road.

Londoner #2 - Yeah, I always found that funny, too. But then I visited New York and took all these embarassing "thumbs up" pictures in front of yellow taxis.

Londoner #1 - I lived in New York for a bit. People are way cooler there than in London.

American #2 - No! London is way cooler. You guys are much more diverse.

Londoner #2 - But we're rude.

American #2 - New Yorkers are rude.

Londoner #2 - They were so nice to me, though. They went out of their way to help me with directions.

American #2 - That's because you were a tourist.

Londoner #1 - Well, this much I know. In New York, people get just as pissed as we do, but they don't throw up on the streets.

American #1 - Oh, they're hiding it. They're throwing up in the bathroom.

Londoner #1 - Still, that shit impressed me.

The English, who insisted that London emulates everything New York does, were shocked to learn that women all over the States had attended viewing parties for the royal wedding. I know that not everyone in the UK is exactly enamored with the royals, but that's not the point right now. The point is this: Londoners, despite throwing your tea into the harbor and refusing to spell it "harbour," we like you. Really, we do.

Londoner #1, left; Londoner #2, right
For pictures of my New Year's Eve in London, visit my photo gallery.

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