Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What's in a "Nom"?

I'm a travel blogger, so it stands to reason that I love travel. Or does it? What of those travel bloggers who hate travel?

I'm in freaking Beijing. I've been wandering around for three days, and I totally hate it here. Everything's different from back home, and they speak this totally incomprehensible language that only the one billion inhabitants of this country understand. I don't get it. It sucks. Tomorrow I'll be in Shanghai, and I bet that'll suck just as bad. I'll blog about that hellhole when I get there.

That's why I named this blog Travel, Je T'aime. It helps to differentiate me from travel blogging misanthropes like that guy. Also, it's in Franglish (French and English) which makes it transnational. Does my blog need a passport?

Really, the name Travel, Je T'aime derives from the film Paris, Je T'aime and reflects the fact that I'm both a travel addict and a Francophile. Sir Gnome up there isn't too keen on the French, though.

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